Foreword from Shirley McCay, Director of Trade and Investment, UKTI Ireland

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Shirley Mc CayI am delighted to welcome you to this guide to Doing Business in Ireland, which provides essential information, guidance and support for UK companies considering entering the Irish market.

This guide gives you the information you will need about Ireland and offers you the opportunity to think through your market issues and learn how to enter the Irish market successfully and with as little pain as possible.

Ireland’s economy is on the rise again - from the days of the Celtic Tiger to the economic downturn and recession, the country is now on a more stable and balanced economic footing and punching well above its weight in many sectors. Growth rates of 7.8% in 2015 mean strong purchasing power exists. We have an appetite for expansion and new economic developments here in Ireland so we encourage you to prepare well and to identify your unique selling points to the Irish market.

If you are looking to Ireland, either for the first time or to expand into new markets, then UK Trade & Investment is uniquely positioned to help you get there. We can help you to identify opportunities, develop networks, find agents, distributors or partners and raise your profile.

It is our hope that this guide encourages you to explore the wealth of opportunities that await you and your organisation in Ireland. I invite you all to take time to read this guide and share in this ambition.


Shirley McCay
Director of Trade & Investment, ‎UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Ireland



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