Foreword from Dominick Chilcott, British Ambassador to Ireland

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Photo Dominick Chilcott 2Welcome to this guide to doing business in Ireland.

The British Embassy gives a high priority to the UK government's goals of raising the number of British companies that are exporting and helping businesses already exporting to increase their overseas sales.

Ireland is a good place for UK businesses to try exporting for the first time. It is nearby and very easy to get to. As Britain and Ireland have a great deal in common, British companies will find the business landscape familiar. Our business practices are similar, as are our laws, systems of finance and our broader culture.

Partly for these reasons, many British companies operate very successfully in Ireland and the same is true for Irish companies in the UK.

Ireland is much more, of course, than a starter market for first time exporters. It is the fifth largest market for British goods and the sixth for services. It is one of the UK's most important trading partners. There are lots of good opportunities for British companies in Ireland.

The UKTI team at the embassy provides a range of services to UK companies seeking to expand their activities in Ireland. Our trade advisers have built up a wealth of local knowledge in their daily contacts with the public and private sectors, on which British companies can draw.

I trust you will find this guide helpful. With the right products and the right approach, British companies can do really well here.

Good luck with your business.


Dominick Chilcott
British Ambassador to Ireland





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